3x must have garden lightning for this season


Outside lightning, most people can’t live without it anymore. Lightning outside has a lot of advantages, namely: you can sit outside during the evening or night without sitting in the dark, you can move around safely because you can see where to walk and it of course creates a very nice atmosphere. When you think you need lighting for outside only during summer, you’re wrong. Especially during winter, lights in your garden are much needed, because it gets dark sooner during the evening, and the sun comes up later in the morning. So lightning, read on the find out about five different garden lights.

Spots everywhere

Spots are very nice and easy lights for your garden. You can place them almost everywhere.  Built-in garden spots are ideal for creating atmosphere and safety in a subtle way. Most ground spots radiate upwards. Ideal for highlighting a path in your garden, so you can come home late without falling. Or you can use spots to highlight flowers, plants or a wall. A ground spot creates a pleasant atmosphere because it gives good light, without it being too much. When your ground spots are properly attached, you should even be able to drive over them with a lawnmower without breaking them. So can even place them in your lawn if you prefer.

Functional wall lights

Wall lights are often used because of their functionality. Also these lights can be placed almost everywhere. You can place them against a fence, inside a garden roof, next to a door or small stairs in your garden. Wall lamps are also available in different types, sizes and colours. So they are perfect for creating a unique atmosphere in your garden. You often see that wall lamps have a motion sensor, so you will never trip over anything in your garden again!

Cosy lights

Maybe you don’t want functional lights in your garden, but you want cosy lights. Then you should think about string lights. Of course they are still functional because they give light to your garden. You can place them almost everywhere if you have two points to attach them to. Place more string lights to create a magical atmosphere in your garden. Besides string lights you can think about other cosy lightning in your garden. A company that sells a lot of different lights for outside is Fairybell UK. Take a look at their site and find something nice for your garden!