May 25, 2023
Essential Extra Touches To Make Your Bedroom Extra Cosy

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Yes, one-third! With all this time investment into rest and rejuvenation, we should at least be making sure our bedrooms are cosy enough to support a great night’s sleep. Many people neglect the importance of making a room cosy enough to fall into a deep sleep. Our bedrooms should be designed to induce us into a restful sleep, so why don’t enough of us do this? There are so many room additions you can add to optimise your sleep and make your bedroom a cosy haven! Take a look at the following tips for making your bedroom cosy:

Weighted Blankets

Don’t knock them until you try them, but weighted blankets are an amazing addition to your bedroom to make it warm and inviting. Weighted blankets are designed to induce the feeling of warmth and security, further contributing towards a great night’s sleep. Consider getting yourself a weighted, thick blanket to support your deep sleep. Treat yourself to a new soft duvet cover set to complement your new weighted blanket!

Blackout Curtains

Our brains are naturally wired to feel more awake and alert at the sight of daytime. Bright lights will keep us awake and prevent us from falling asleep, so if you are looking for undisturbed sleep black-out curtains should be your next investment. They do not have to be as boring as they sound, and there are hundreds of styles and designs that keep the light out just as effectively. Imagine your weekend lie in, it will be the best sleep you ever have!


Aromatherapy is another cosy consideration you should add to your bedroom. Through the use of diffusers and essential oils, you can create a fresh and flattering scent in your room that induces a feeling of peace and slumber. Consider getting a diffuser for your bedroom and fall in love with the beautiful scents that hit your nose.

Ambient Lighting

As mentioned, our brains feel naturally alert and awakened at the sight of bright lights, so the lighting in your room should instead aim to make you feel relaxed. Ambient lighting is just the thing you need if you have been struggling with a bold lighting feature in your room. The atmosphere should be dim and warm. You might even consider having LED lighting that has a low setting, as this can be equally peaceful.

Use Neutral Colours

If your bedroom features wallpaper that is in your face and vibrant, you might be going for the wrong vibe. Your bedroom should have neutral colours on the walls and floors to induce your mind into the feeling of peace. Consider changing the colour scheme to neutral tones such as pastel, beige, or even earthy shades such as forest green. This colour range will provide a much more relaxed atmosphere to the room and make it much cosier.

Bottom line

Overall, a cosy room is not hard to achieve. With the simple addition of blackout curtains, weighted blankets, inviting scents, ambient lighting and neutral colour schemes, your bedroom will feel cosier than ever!

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