Jun 6, 2022
Is a Master Bath Remodel in Texas Worth the Investment?

Most times when homeowners are thinking of renovating their homes, they are being motivated by either one or both of the following reasons: the enjoyment that comes with making the home better, and the value that such renovation could add to their property. Talking about property value, the value that each renovation will add to the property will vary.

As a Texas homeowner considering doing a master bath remodel, one of the questions you may want to be answered is whether the investment is worth it, especially considering that it takes a lot of money. Well, the short answer is: Absolutely! A master bath remodel in Texas is worth the investment.

In this article, we present to you reasons why it is worth the investment. Our team of bathroom remodelers has put this article together to educate homeowners on the pros and cons of remodels. Our company completes Fort Worth shower remodel, tile installation, flooring installation, and more.

Better features and functions

With master bath remodeling, you can add new features and functions to your bathroom. For example, the bathroom can be made to flow better by rearranging the setting and adding storage elements. You could also add some privacy features to the toilet with a water closet enclosure.

Giving your master bath a complete redesign can increase its functionality and make life easier for you in the long run. With the help of a professional bathroom remodeling contractor, your master bath can be transformed into a paradise.

Increased property value

If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, you need to know that one of the things potential buyers want to see is an updated bathroom. With your master bath remodeled in Texas, it becomes easier to demand a higher price from the buyer. This guarantees a huge return on your investment.

Once buyers see that the master bath has a relaxing space, they hardly take time to think whether they need the extra feature or not. They are often willing to put extra money into the beautiful features of a remodeled bathroom. Features such as a glass-in shower, double sink, heated floor, and other luxury touches can quickly boost the home’s value.

Increased safety

Safety considerations are one of the very important reasons to do a master bath remodel in TX. It is particularly important to keep the kids and elderly needs in mind. So, some of the features you want to consider to make the master bath safer for a growing family include non slip floors, GFI outlets, anti-scald shower valves, etc.

It is also a good idea to add grab bars and barrier-free showers for your safety as you grow old. These safety features are not likely to alter your decor and modern fixtures are usually made to blend perfectly with any interior design.

Higher energy efficiency

You’re probably spending more on your utility bills because you haven’t remodeled your old bathroom. If your showers take a large part of the water usage in your home, you should probably be looking for more efficient options.

There are a number of showerheads, toilets, and faucets that are water-saving that you can get. With these fixtures, water usage in your home can be reduced by up to 20%, thereby saving you money.

Damage prevention

As a result of everyday use, your bathroom is likely to start showing signs of wear and tear. Damage due to water leaks can also leave its mark on some parts of the bathroom. Thankfully, a master bath remodel in Texas will eliminate all signs of damage, including the seemingly irreparable ones.

When remodeling your master bath, rather than repairing the damage, you can simply get the old materials replaced with newer ones. For example, the use of paint that is moisture resistant and water barriers can help your bathroom better withstand wear and tear.

Ultimately, a master bath remodel will prevent frequent interior damage and repairs for many more years.

How much value does a master bath remodel add in Texas?

First, you need to know that a master bath remodel adds value to your home significantly, irrespective of the scale of renovation you’re opting for.

The average spending of homeowners on a midrange bathroom remodeling is about $20,000, and about $65,000 on an upscale bathroom remodeling. When it is time to put the home for sale, you can expect to recoup up to 67.2% of the amount spent on your midrange master bath remodel in Texas state, and about 60.2% recoup on an upscale remodel.

When you are thinking of how much you’re going to recoup on any kind of home improvement, your expectations must be realistic, considering that you are not ever likely to recoup 100% on any renovation.

Final thoughts

Remodeling the master bath in your Texas home is always worth the investment. It is important that you consult with a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor before you pursue such a project. The contractor should visit your home, inspect your master bath, and give you suggestions on things to do to make it much better.

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