Oct 31, 2022
Eindhoven College Of Technology

As the U.S. considers other partners in the technology competitors with China, we shouldn’t restrict the dialog merely to our international partners alone. What does it mean for the us and China to be in technology competition? Clearly the two countries are competing — not for entry to new technology, but for primacy or the power to “get there first.” Achieving technological superiority permits the offsetting capabilities each side seeks within the army sphere. Instead, China will probably search to counter the coalitional approach of the united states and its companions by testing U.S. resolve on Taiwan. Most of the commentary on Taiwan will focus on its significance to Xi’s imaginative and prescient of nationwide rejuvenation, particularly now that Xi has introduced Tibet and Hong Kong a lot closer into Beijing’s orbit.

China is surging forward in its improvement and export of technologies that enable surveillance and repression. Through the …

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