Dec 5, 2022
Truck Crashes Into Idaho Springs House

What looks as if a day, because of the magic of tv editing, actually takes 60 to ninety days at minimum, says Michael Espersen, a Metairie, La.-based realtor with Coldwell Banker. It doesn’t assist that his hobbies have taken over the widespread spaces now that he has run out of room in his own cavernous bedroom-slash-bachelor pad which occupies the entire third ground. In truth, his bed room is practically an apartment now that he’s added a protracted desk (“so I can sit correctly and skim my scripts”) AND eating desk (“if friends come over, we are able to additionally eat there”) to it. Yes, even his supervisor, who was in the decision with us, was shocked by the revelation.

So, as we all take shelter from the storm in our huge house, little shotgun shack, trailer home or cardboard box…. I actually have spoken to enough “homeless” folks to …

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