Oct 12, 2022
Benefits of Coconut Trees from Fruit to Root

The benefits of coconut trees cannot be surpassed by other plants in the context of their involvement in improving the physical quality of humans, especially in the fields of beauty, cosmetics, and their benefits for life and health, as quoted from the book Coconut Tree of Life by Prof. Dr. F.G. Winarno.

The coconut tree is a plant with the Latin name Cocos nucifera L. The coconut tree is the sole member of the Cocos clan of the aren-arenan tribe or Arecaceae.

Coconut trees play an important role in the Indonesian economy. Indonesia is the second biggest maker of copra (dried natural product tissue) on the planet after the Philippines.

Coconut plants are developed and developed in different wet tropical countries of the world. However, 94.64% of its production comes from the Asia Pacific region. In this area, Indonesia has the largest plantation area and coconut production, followed by the Philippines and India.

The characteristics of the coconut tree from coconut product supplier from indonesia are characterized by strong fibrous roots, erect and unbranched slender trunks, midrib leaves, and fins supporting the leaves.

Coconut product indonesia is the most extensively cultivated plant, grows, and is used for human life.

The age of coconut trees can reach 100 years with a productive age of about 30 years. During that time, coconut trees can be useful for humans.

Coconut trees can reach 30 meters high, with 80-120 fruit per tree per year. However, almost all parts of the coconut plant are beneficial for life. Not surprisingly, the coconut tree is known as the Versatile Tree.

Quoted from the book The Efficacy of Water and Coconut Oil for Health by Tiara Putri, the full benefits of coconut trees are as follows.

Benefits of Coconut Trees

Coconut Leaf

  1. Become a wardrobe frame
  2. Assembled into leaf decorations and decorations for traditional and contemporary events
  3. Can be woven into precious stone homes, natural product holders, and waste baskets, fans, sandals, handbags, and hats
  4. Coconut leaf bones can be used as raw material for broom sticks
  5. Coconut leaf shoots can be made into foods such as pickles
  6. Manggar or the base of the coconut leaf midrib can be used to make yeast and sugar

Coconut flesh

Coconut flesh is white with a thickness of 8-15 mm. Coconut flesh contains various nutrients and vegetable oils. Here are the benefits of coconut meat:

  1. Use coconut milk to make vegetables, soup, curry, rendang, and various other dishes
  2. Can be scraped, grated, and dried into raw materials for snacks and beverages
  3. Eliminate wrinkles on the face and reduce cracked heels
  4. Moisturizing skin
  5. Prevents gray hair and removes dandruff
  6. Eliminate acne and disguise black knees or elbows
  7. Cleaning floor tiles

Coconut water

Coconut water in the fruit contains a small amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and some minerals. Fermented coconut water can be made into nata de coco. Here are the benefits of coconut water:

  1. Help maintain a diet (diet)
  2. by expanding the body’s digestion, restricting yearning, changing over fat into bulk, and helping thyroid capability in getting in shape
  3. Meet the needs of vitamin B
  4. Elective solid beverages and isotonic beveragesinto furniture
  5. Streamlining digestion
  6. Neutralize toxins
  7. Prevent kidney stones and improve blood circulation
  8. Treating chikungunya disease, killing the giardia lamblia parasite, and helping the cholera healing process
  9. Overcoming motion sickness
  10. Prevent osteoporosis

Coconut oil

Coconut flesh can be processed into oil. The use of coconut oil is beneficial for:

  1. Increase body immunity
  2. Control diabetes
  3. Helps strengthen teeth
  4. Accelerate the wound healing process
  5. Fights infections and viruses
  6. Prevent heart problems

Coconut trunk

Very old and dry headstocks are very resistant to termite stings, such as:

  1. Framed into furniture with fascinating themes like tables, seatsmaterial, painting frames, and others
  2. Become the fundamental material for building houses, crisis spans, boat outlines, like tiles, boards, wood, and others

Coconut root

Coconut roots inspire the technology of supporting chicken claw buildings in such as at Soekarno-Hatta Airport by Sedyatmo. Here are the benefits of coconut root:

  1. Becoming a dye for household furniture and beer
  2. Mixed into drugs with a certain dose

Coconut flower

  1. The juice can be packaged into soft drinks
  2. The sap can be heated until it thickens and hardens into coconut sugar.

Well, that’s the benefits of coconut trees. What are the benefits of coconut trees that you have ever felt, detikers?

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